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ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.tw all content warnings provided by the author can be found here My review for The Fever King Book 1 Buddy read with Mina 4 5 The decision felt like a steel shell closing around his heart And then he felt nothing at all.Whew, this series was such a journey and I guess I acquired two new sons along the way This sequel is a study of survival and is definitely character driven The plot was a weak point for me and I wasn t in love with it but I don t think it mattered too much at the end of the end because there was so much to take away from this book.I fell in love once again with Noam and Dara and I just want them to be happy and healthy Their character arcs are so interesting on their own and in relation to one another They both had so much room to grow, either apart or together, and Victoria Lee played it out so well In this book they are both trying to come to terms with their own trauma and coping mechanisms A lot of important discussions on healing and being a survivor of abuse are tackled here and for once we re shown an immortal x teenager relationship in the creepy light it deserves Victoria Lee has also crafted one of the best YA villains I ve read about He is charming, loved, makes some points but is still despicable, vicious and terrible I just loved the exploration of his character, where he came from and how that played out later in his life But it s never given as an excuse for everything he s done Through this story the author opens up the discussion of does the end justify the means and puts forward a tactful exploration of the endless cycle of violence and abuse This was an amazing series and it filled the void of YA Dystopia I had in my heart I hope a lot people will pick it up and give it a chance You can also find me on Youtube Twitter WHEW THIS BOOKBuddy reading with my love I GOT A REVIEW COPY OF THIS BOOK I M ABOUT TO PASS OUTWhen I saw a 2020 release date, I blacked out for a second before I remembered that s next year and not 2 years like my brain thought kjhdsjkdfgI just know this book is going to cause a heart attack but it s ok I m ready to die for these characters anyway [Free Ebook] ☥ The Electric Heir (Feverwake, #2) ♞ In The Sequel To The Fever King, Noam Lvaro Seeks To End Tyranny Before He Becomes A Tyrant HimselfSix Months After Noam Lvaro Helped Overthrow The Despotic Government Of Carolinia, The Atlantians Have Gained Citizenship, And Lehrer Is Chancellor But Despite Lehrer S Image As A Progressive Humanitarian Leader, Noam Has Finally Remembered The Truth That Lehrer Forced Him To Forget That Lehrer Is Responsible For The Deadly Magic Infection That Ravaged CaroliniaNow That Noam Remembers The Full Extent Of Lehrer S Crimes, He S Determined To Use His Influence With Lehrer To Bring Him Down For Good If Lehrer Realizes Noam Has Evaded His Control And That Noam Is Plotting Against Him Noam S Dead So He Must Keep Playing The Role Of Lehrer S Prot G Until He Can Steal Enough Vaccine To Stop The VirusMeanwhile Dara Shirazi Returns To Carolinia, His Magic Stripped By The Same Vaccine That Saved His Life But Dara S Attempts To Ally Himself With Noam Prove That Their Methods For Defeating Lehrer Are Violently Misaligned Dara Fears Noam Has Only Gotten Himself Deeply Entangled In Lehrer S Web Sooner Or Later, Playing Double Agent Might Cost Noam His Life i am deceased and this is my ghost speaking Noam had crawled his way into Dara s mind and planted himself there, a root system tangled into Dara s thoughts and Dara s telepathy.Inextricable. Actual rating 4.5 On my blog Rep Jewish mcs, bi mc, gay mc with substance abuse disorder, MDD, unspecified eating disorder, Black side character, Chinese American side character, Indian American side character, lesbian side characterCWs all CWs are online here To note relationship between adult and minor is between view spoiler Lehrer and Noam hide spoiler got an arc a win for the gaysthe fact that victoria made content warnings available and ready we stani would consider not suing victoria lee for the emotional distress caused by book 1 but only if i get to read this one like right now even thought it s not even written yet probably This was terribly dark but it also ended up being really well written and probably a best book of the year.Thoughts to come soon Ahhhh I cannot believe I am finally going to read this Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for granting me this eARC My Blog My Instagram My Twitter I SURVIVEDbuddy read with Laura whom I ll tag later bc I m lazy and on mobile RTC but oh it was GOOD although I briefly considered taking away one star because Dara thinks p neapple belongs on piz asweetie no Scroll down for content warnings The Electric Heir is, at its core, about what it means to be a survivor both the experience of surviving, and the expectations that society places on survivors Like Noam and Dara, I survived childhood sexual abuse and violence Like Lehrer, my abuser was attractive and powerful and charismatic Like Dara, I was not believed when I came forward not until other girls said he d done it to them too Girls who closely fit the stereotype of abuse survivors So many victims are afraid to speak up, a fear their abusers manipulate to say no one would believe you, not when they could believe me instead Abuse takes a massive toll on victims mental health, and this, in turn, can be used as a justification for the abuser s behavior he s just looking for attention she misunderstood the situation. In The Electric Heir, Noam struggles to define what s happening to him as abuse, even as Dara begins the slow road to recovery Noam and Dara experienced the abuse differently, reacting in very different ways and each must face Lehrer on his own terms If there is anything I want the reader to understand when they read The Electric Heir, it is this there s no one way to be a survivor To understand Noam and Dara s story is to understand a story of not being believed of facing your abuser alone of not being the kind of victim people expect And all I want is for these characters to be believed It s really important to me that everyone who reads this book has a safe experience I posted detailed content warnings for The Fever King on my website, and most of them also apply to this book so I recommend checking out that post as well.However this book is a lot darker than TFK The Electric Heir is an exploration of the narratives we tell ourselves in order to survive abuse while it s happening, and the slow journey of being able to define and face our trauma after it s over.One thing I want to make clear is that some characters in this book will initially express ideas and narratives about abuse that are harmful and false, such as denying that abuse is occuring or denying that certain acts constitute abuse Many abuse victims, including myself, once believed similar narratives it was the only way we were able to survive the abuse while it was going on.However, these narratives are ultimately challenged That s part of the characters journeys in this book So I just wanna be clear that even if a character expresses a certain belief or beliefs at a given point, that is not an endorsement on my part I also wanna be clear that there is a lot of denial going on in this book, especially in the first half and although the denial doesn t last, if this is something that will be difficult for you to read, you should know this up front.I wrote this book based off my own lived experiences as a survivor, which are not universal, and which are not always clean To survive is to fight for your life, for your self concept, for the right to your own agency and autonomy That s messy business This book reflects that messiness.Okay Now that s been said, let s move on to the specific content warnings First, I ll list a general set of content warnings Details will be linked on my blog, and may contain spoilers.Spoiler free list intergenerational trauma, genocide violence abuse attempted rape mental health and suicide slut shaming victim blaming emetophobia drug and alcohol abuse parental death ableist languageTo view the full list of content warnings with detail, please click through to my blog here. Victoria Lee said I m gonna give the gays everything they want but also break their heart a little as a treat