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"The Summit" is a business, a brand and a place. It is established in Vanuatu to create health, beauty and body care products, inspired by tropical essential oils derived from trees and plants growing at The Summit or elsewhere in Vanuatu. By producing pure, natural and beneficial products, The Summit is developing its own following of enthusiastic customers.

Signature products are made from our own sandalwood trees grown at The Summit or gathered from elsewhere in Vanuatu. Sandalwood is one of the most sort-after commodities in the world today, in demand for its health, beauty and skin care properties, incense, aromatherapy and religious uses. Vanuatu sandalwood, Santalum austrocaledonicum, is a high quality species which has been traded for nearly 200 years.

Operations are conducted through two Vanuatu local companies: South Pacific Sandalwood Limited; and Summit Estate Limited, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of South Pacific Sandalwood Holdings Limited, an unlisted Australian public company.

Summit Estate Limited holds titles to 230ha of land at "The Summit", located on Devil's Point Road, Mele Bay about 12km from Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. The developments over the last 20 years include the sandalwood plantation of 120,000 trees, tropical nut trees, lime and other citrus orchards, and other plants that are integral to the business strategy.

South Pacific Sandalwood Limited was established in 2010 to establish the tourist facility known as The Summit Gardens and to manufacture and market The Summit range of health and beauty products. Visitors to Vanuatu can enjoy The Summit Gardens, The Summit Essential Oils Distillery, The Summit Health & Body Shops and The Summit Cafe.

James Batty is the Managing Director of all 3 companies. Administration of the companies is carried out at The Summit premises, as is the manufacturing, packaging, labeling and dispatch of all of our products.

Every one of the 60 people working at The Summit is keen to see it develop into a business that does Vanuatu proud, displaying its people's talents, creativity, hard work and desire to become a developed nation. We have all the basic ingredients here at The Summit or elsewhere in Vanuatu to ensure a consistent supply of our products, produced always with the highest quality controls.

James Batty
Managing Director
South Pacific Sandalwood Limited
Summit Estate Limited
South Pacific Sandalwood Holdings Limited.

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