Tropical Cyclone Pam Hits Vanuatu leaving behind a Devastated Country
The cyclone tore through the South Pacific archipelago packing winds of up to 270 kilometres per hour, it estimated it killed at least ten people across the country's 65 inhabited islands, but as they get into the many islands they think these numbers will increase.

World Vision spokeswoman Chloe Morrison, who was in Port Vila, said some villages had been "literally picked up and blown away".

"Power lines are down and hanging, buildings are flattened so it is just a devastating sight," she said.

The people who live and work there are happy friendly and do not have much but it looks like what they had is now gone. Despite this they still have time to smile.

As you can see by these pictures there is a lot of clearing up and rebuilding to do.

The Summit we understand has sustained a lot of damage but the main buildings and equipment is still in reasonable condition.

The good news is that all the Summit workers where in a safe building and survived the storm unhurt. They have now returned to their homes to see if they have one and what they need to do to restore them.

Jim Batty said that 30% of the trees are pushed over the suggestion was made to push them back up and stake them. And the stress may even be a good thing for heartwood growth... nice theory... fingers crossed.

The workers will return to work as soon as they can, and I am sure we all wish them well in the future.

The Summit produces some of the best organic skincare beauty products in the world and will continue to do so.

Products purchased from them will insure their future and help to rebuild there homes and bring up their families, so lets continue to support them in there bleak but happy future.


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