Do men care for their Skin, or just leave it to luck?

Various surveys say that about $28 billion U.S. dollars to take care of all their grooming needs (hair, face, shaving, etc.), whereas women (it's not a surprise really) spend $91 billion U.S. dollars globally just for looking after their skin & body. If we compare the spending trend between them, it seems like men are either saving money or are not concerned about their health & body. Our survey on the men spending money for their body care showed that their money goes to soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and aftershave.

Before Ben Brookman and family went back to Australia to live, Ben who has a Biochemistry background, was working very closely with our GM Lesley Batty to develop nourishing and caring products for men that are affordable so men can start caring for their skin health as well and as often as women do. Rightfully so, together with the rest of The Summit Vanuatu Distillery Team, we successfully developed and launched our men's care products under the Summit Men banner.

Our aim is for men to start looking after their Skin & Body like Women do. There is nothing wrong with that, men like women want to look good and feel good about them selves without damaging their health & body. Men go to work as women do. and face people for work, for socializing and many other where they want to look clean and presentable. Ready to face the world.

Our aim is that every time you use our health & body care products both men women and there family will not be exposed to toxic and damaging ingredients. Also in doing this you will feel young, safe and vibrant and have a much younger and healthier looking skin.

Your Skin Type
Do you know what your skin type is? If you don't, we can confidently say that you will be happy with our skin products, because we have sourced our key ingredients available in Vanuatu South Pacific that best suits any skin types and any skin colour. We are also consciously and intentionally creating our skin products well suited for all skin types as described below.

1. Oily skin. This type of skin can typically allow acne breakouts, blackheads, lumps and clogged pores. You will also notice that your skin will feel greasy all day long whether you are being active or not.
2. Dry Skin. This type of skin exhibits a very tight sensation and may feel rough and have uneven texture when you feel it. You may see some redness and typically have smaller pores, but may not be so susceptible to breakouts or blackheads.
3. Combination Skin. This type of skin is the most common. There are some parts of your skin that may feel and look oily, where the centre of your face and along your nose is typically oily, cheeks look normal or can be very dry. This type of skin may look and feel normal and the thing is that you may find that the area surrounding your eyes may look drier than the rest of your face.
4. We also find that some people have very Sensitive Skin. This is the type where one will find, notice and experience that most skin care products they have used, especially the scented or highly artificially fragranced ones, can make skin feel worse and not better.

Ideally it is best to use men and women products that are not loaded with artificial fragrances and other toxic chemical ingredients that are found to be problematic. There are vast amounts of literature on the web that explain how these toxic chemicals can trigger adverse stressful reactions in sensitive skin, leading sometimes to psoriasis, acne, eczema or other damaging skin conditions.

What skin care products can men buy and try from our shop online to achieve what we are talking about?

Lather your body all over but avoid the eye area. Rinse off with water at a temperature to suit you. A little goes a long way because of its lustrous lather

Men want a shaving cream – we have created a shaving foam to use while in the shower. Foam all day from your head to your toes, leaving your skin and hair with a deposit of rich, natural moisturizer. Sandalwood Water adds fragrance along with its unique antibacterial qualities to virgin coconut oil plus a refreshing splash of Lime to gently cleanse and hydrate your skin without leaving a filmy residue.
Our Body Buddy can also be used as body soap and shampoo.

Men want a moisturiser to counter the effects of shaving. Our Shave Calm has the purist quality ingredients of Sandalwood and Tahitian Lime oils cleanse (anti-bacterial) and soothe (anti-inflammatory) whilst tamanu oil heals any cuts or other wounds with its anti-burning, pain-relieving and moisturising traits to leave your skin absolutely rejuvenated and hydrated. Shave Calm has a base note of Virgin Coconut Oil.

Shock Absorber moisturiser has a base note of beautiful canarium nut oil (nangai oil), teamed with pure sandalwood oil.

You may wonder why we call our fabulous men's moisturiser "Shock Absorber"? Wikipedia explains that "A shock absorber is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or damp shock impulse, and convert kinetic energy to another form of energy (usually thermal energy, which can be easily dissipated)." We at The Summit liken this description to the action that happens when you use our Shock Absorber to counter the sometimes painful effects of razors, or to provide a barrier for your skin's protection from the wind, or simply so your skin feels soft to your partner's touch. It can also be used as an all over skin moisturiser which in turn creates a feel good form of energy.
Canarium indicum (known as Nangai nuts in Vanuatu) is among the oldest and most important tree crops in Melanesia. Its oil contains healthy fatty acids that give it excellent emollient properties, penetrating your skin deep down. We combine this with the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skin care benefits of Sandalwood Water and infuse it all with a generous dollop of Sandalwood Oil to leave your skin with a refreshed, firm, healthy, hydrated and most of all, happy, feeling.

Most men want an After Shave
This condensate water product results from the distillation of Vanuatu sandalwood oil. It is exceptional in skin care with slightly drying and astringent properties. Its aroma is soft and dry, it is also delicate and sweet scented and with the addition of those skin-loving essential oils of sandalwood, ginger and cinnamon bark makes it a great natural aftershave.

Ladies tend to buy most of the health products men use so try it! Your men will truly appreciate this gesture and will treat you like a queen in return. There are still men who will stay under the radar when it comes to health & body products. They have obviously not tried The Summit products yet.

We have several selections of men's care products at for Daddy, for Hubby, for boyfriend or just for yourself.

Be one of The Summit Metroman! Happy, Chilled, Vibrant, Young Looking and Relaxed Skin & Body!


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