Sandalwood Powder
Sandalwood Powder
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Sandalwood Powder

Ground pure heartwood from Vanuatu sandalwood

(Santalum austrocaledonicum)

Sandalwood powder is the ground heartwood of the tree, and contains over 6% of the valuable sandalwood oil. 

Our sandalwood powder has the same anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities as the oil. It is mid-brown in colour and has moistening, astringent and balancing qualities therefore can be used for face masks, mud packs and peeling wraps. It is also good for the treatments of skin complaints such as acne, blackheads and the like. 

Sandalwood Powder is often used for religious purposes, for mixing pastes as well for burning. Our powder burns readily, with plenty of smoke and a wonderful aroma.

Use as Face masks

To make a face mask you need to mix with other ingredients. Recommended are turmeric, chick pea flour, lemon juice, honey and milk. About 5-10 percent of the mixture should comprise the sandalwood powder.

Apply to your face or body and wait until dry/semi-dry. Then wash off at you leisure. The sandalwood gives you a wonderful smoothing and toning effect.

To Burn

Stack about 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder on a metal or china dish. Light using a gas lighter, and enjoy the aromatic smoke.

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