Tropical Therapy
Tropical Therapy
Tropical Therapy Range for Body & Soul
We are very fortunate to grow many ingredients that have been used by the inhabitants of Melanesia for hundreds of years. This was long before white man's medicine and all add up with Vanuatu's abundant sunshine, plentiful rainfall, natural fertiliser, lack of pollution, clean environment, beaches and mountains to provide the best tropical therapies or antidotes for all of today's stresses.
Try our tropical Salves, Balms and Oils in your part of the world to heal your skin.

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Achieve Your Dreams
Achieve Your DreamsThis skin saving solutions is an All Or Nothing Total Regime Kit. Your daily skin..
From £78.90
Ex Tax: £78.90
Mandarin Pure Essential Oil
Mandarin Pure Essential Oil This oil is a relief for skin problems such as acne, excessive perspirat..
From £13.14
Ex Tax: £13.14
Nangai Oil
Nangai Oil Nangai oil is obtained by cold pressing the nuts of the Canarium indicum tree. The rich t..
From £8.34
Ex Tax: £8.34
Nangai, Lime & Honey Lip Balm
Nangai, Lime & Honey Lip BalmThe care of gentle Nangai Oil, a little bit of Zing from Lime Oil, ..
From £5.30
Ex Tax: £5.30
Salve It
Salve ItAn all natural ointment handcrafted from five of our fabulous oils, Sandalwood, Tamanu, Peti..
From £5.34
Ex Tax: £5.34
Salve It!! Agne BeGone
Salve It!! Agne BeGoneSalve It is an all natural ointment handcrafted from 5 of our fabulous oils. S..
From £6.64
Ex Tax: £6.64
Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream
Sandalwood & Tarmana CreamAn exotic balm of nature's finest tropical essential and nut oils whic..
From £6.54
Ex Tax: £6.54
Sandalwood Canarium Nut Balm
Sandalwood & Canarium Nut Balm Canarium indicum (Nangai) is among the oldest and most important ..
From £13.14
Ex Tax: £13.14
Sandalwood Hair Conditioner
Sandalwood Hair ConditionerChange your dry hair for shiny beautiful luscious locks with tropical nan..
From £10.63
Ex Tax: £10.63
Sandalwood Hair Conditioner  Acne BeGone
Sandalwood Hair Conditioner Acne BeGoneAcne BeGone Skin-Saving Botanicals for All the Family.Ch..
From £10.63
Ex Tax: £10.63
Sandalwood Tamanu & Coconut Natural Soap
Sandalwood Tamanu & Coconut Natural SoapWe believe Sandalwood, Tamanu and Coconut are the ultima..
From £3.66
Ex Tax: £3.66
Sandalwood Water
Sandalwood WaterAfter the sandalwood oil is removed from the wood the remaining condensate is called..
From £6.63
Ex Tax: £6.63
Sandalwood, Tamanu & Coconut Body Foam
Sandalwood, Tamanu & Coconut Body FoamBody Foam can be used all over from your hair to your toes..
From £5.34
Ex Tax: £5.34
Shampoo Bar
Shampoo BarAn natural alternative to shampoo. This bar is formulated especially for hair with none o..
From £6.34
Ex Tax: £6.34
Shampoo Bar Acne BeGone
Shampoo Bar Acne BeGoneAcne BeGone Skin-Saving Botanicals for All the Family.An natural alterna..
From £6.34
Ex Tax: £6.34
Skin & Hair Cleansing Oil
Skin & Hair Cleansing OilThis Skin & Hair Cleansing Oil is an all natural moisturising clean..
From £8.63
Ex Tax: £8.63
Skin Buff Polish
Skin Buff PolishThe Summit's own powdered sandalwood combined with Tanna Coffee's green beans acts a..
From £13.30
Ex Tax: £13.30
Skin Hydrating & Calming Balm
Skin Hydrating & Calming BalmOur exotic balm of Nature's finest tropical essential and nut oils ..
From £13.30
Ex Tax: £13.30
Skin Hydrating Toner
Skin Hydrating TonerThis Skin Hydrating Toner is an all natural gentle solution to close your pores ..
From £10.63
Ex Tax: £10.63
Tamanu Advanced User Kit
Tamanu Advanced User Kit This pack contains a complementary range of skin care products for the per..
From £23.30
Ex Tax: £23.30
Tamanu Oil
Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum) Tamanu Oil is good for pain relief from cuts, abrasions, skin in..
From £8.34
Ex Tax: £8.34
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